• Mon: 9.00 am St Nicholas'
  • Tue: 9.00 am Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • Wed: 9.00 am St Nicholas'
  • Thu: 9.00 am St Nicholas' and 7 pm Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • Fri: 9.00 am St Nicholas'
  • Sat: Vigil Mass 6.00pm St. Nicholas'
  • Sun: 9.30am St. Nicholas' and 11am Our Lady of Good Counsel

    Please check this week's bulletin as Mass times may differ
Our Lady of Good Counsel St Nicholas

St. Nicholas', Gipton

and Our Lady of Good Counsel, Seacroft


Welcome to Bl. Edmund Sykes Catholic Parish website: the churches of St. Nicholas' and Our Lady of Good Counsel, Leeds.  Please enjoy taking a look at our site.

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The Parish Priest is Fr. Eugene McGillycuddy.


Interior of St Nicholas churchInterior of Our Lady of Good Counsel






A warm welcome

We offer a warm welcome to visitors and to new members of the community. 

  Sacred Heart Statue










Our community affirms joyfully our faith in Jesus Christ, True God and True Man.  We use our gifts to help and support each other following the example and teachings of Jesus Christ, handed on by the Apostles and preserved by the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which He founded to continue His work through time and which speaks with His own authority.  With the Eucharist at the centre of our lives, we endeavour to build a vibrant community around the holy Eucharist, where we celebrate the gift of Christ’s love.  


A blessed place: Patron Saints

Our Parish nourishes strong devotion to Our Lady, and we ask for her mediation particularly under the title of Our Lady of Good Counsel.  We imitate her and follow her lead so as to draw closer to her Son. 

Side Altar dedicated to Our Lady of Good Counsel

Our Parish patron Saint, Bl. Edmund Sykes, was a Yorkshire Martyr who died for the Catholic Faith. The whole Parish prays for his intercession and looks to his holy example.

We also pray for the intercession of St. Nicholas, the patron Saint of children.  The dedication of St. Nicholas’ Church also reflects Bl. Nicholas Postgate, the last of the York Martyrs, who was arrested while he was baptising a child.  For this reason, both Saints Nicholas are loved by the children and young families of the Parish.

St Nicholas









 Getting in touch

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. Fr. Eugene McGillycuddy is available for all enquiries immediately following Mass. Appointments to see him at other times can be made by phone. Requests for documents and certificates should be made in writing and a stamped self addressed envelope would be much appreciated.  

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