• Mon: 9.00 am St Nicholas'
  • Tue: 9.00 am Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • Wed: 9.00 am St Nicholas'
  • Thu: 9.00 am St Nicholas' and 7 pm Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • Fri: 9.00 am St Nicholas'
  • Sat: Vigil Mass 6.00pm St. Nicholas'
  • Sun: 9.30am St. Nicholas' and 11am Our Lady of Good Counsel

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Where can I go to Confession? 

Our Lady of Good Counsel, Thursday 6.15 – 6.45 pm

St. Nicholas, Saturday 5.00 – 5.45 pm

By request with Fr. McGillycuddy 

You have the option to go anonymously, behind a screen.  The Priest has heard lots of sins before and will respect the seal of the confessional.  In Confession, he is in the “Person of Christ” – it is really Christ that is absolving your sins, and He is waiting to give you His Mercy! 



Further information on the Sacrament of Penance

Preparing for Confession

Make an examination of conscience to prepare for the Sacrament of Penance.  Here is a longer version and here is a shorter one and here are some good prayers to help you prepare.  

You can also download free leaflets on going to Confession for adults and children from Fr. Tim Finigan, a Priest in the Diocese of Southwark. 

Another great resource is a series of videos by Fr. John Corapi on YouTube.  Click here for the first instalment.  You might also like a fantastic retreat on the Sacrament which was preached by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. 

Why should I go to Confession? 

You might like to search Catholic AnswersThis article answers many of the frequent questions asked by non-Catholics. 

You might like to listen to a personal testimony that explains the awesome power of Confession: try Fr. Corapi’s conversion story , or this fascinating true story written by a Priest: “I heard the devil’s Confession”.   

Further information: what does the Church teach? 



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