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THE SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATIONThe Holy Spirit symbolised by a Dove

Confirmation is a precious gift of grace won for us by Jesus Christ through His death on the Cross. If you want to be confirmed, you need to receive this gift in the right way: you need to be practising your Catholic Faith. This means at the very least that you should be coming to Mass every Sunday.

Our parishioners help with catechesis so that young people and adults can prepare actively for this Sacrament and receive more fruits from it. 

Many of our young people join the Confirmation programme through their schools, and the programme to prepare for Confirmation are also announced at Mass. 

Adults who have not been confirmed are invited to contact Fr. McGillycuddy for further details.

Further reading: “Sacrament of Confirmation – Sacrament of Champions” by Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio.

Saints and Angels online for help choosing a Confirmation Saint.

Confirmation worksheets for Priests, parents and catechists, from Fr. Tim Finigan. 

What does the Church teach? 

E Wang "Through the touch of the Holy Spirit"

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