• Mon: 9.00 am St Nicholas'
  • Tue: 9.00 am Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • Wed: 9.00 am St Nicholas'
  • Thu: 9.00 am St Nicholas' and 7 pm Our Lady of Good Counsel
  • Fri: 9.00 am St Nicholas'
  • Sat: Vigil Mass 6.00pm St. Nicholas'
  • Sun: 9.30am St. Nicholas' and 11am Our Lady of Good Counsel

    Please check this week's bulletin as Mass times may differ


Wedding rings

Marriages can take place at the church of Our Lady of Good Counsel or at St. Nicholas’.  Please speak to Fr. McGillycuddy if you would like to be married.  The Priest will then meet with you and guide you through the spiritual preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage.  

The Parish also has a Mothers’ Prayers and a Fathers’ Prayers group which meet on alternate weeks after Tuesday Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. 

Useful links 

Fathers for Good – Christian fatherhood website from the Knights of Columbus 

Catholic Parenting - Meeting place for Catholic Parents to share and learn about the wonderful vocation of raising Catholic children.

Domestic Church Communications - Stories, articles, and all kinds of resources that promote the Christian family, which John Paul II calls the Domestic Church." Sharing of advice and ideas is encouraged.

Love and Responsibility Foundation - The Love and Responsibilty web site is dedicated to increasing understanding of Pope John Paul II's teaching on human love and sexuality. The Pope has written with deep beauty on this all-important topic, and we are motivated by thought that it is possible to read what he has written, learn from it, and share what we learn with others!

The Billings Center: a Natural Family Planning resource 

Some words of encouragement for engaged couples.

Fulton Sheen on the Sacrament of Matrimony



What does the Church teach? 

E Wang "Christ sends us to love others with his help" 


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